Under Armour | Hoops Mixtapes & Stills

This project was a single shoot day comprising of both motion and stills. I had the opportunity to work with several NBA players to capture some phenomenal content, but for only few hours. Four different stations lead by separate teams and under my supervision worked together to create content for multiple distribution platforms; each with different goals and deliverables. These assets would go on to be released slowly over many months, creating an amazing value for the investment.

Pro Player Mixtapes

Still Imagery

More to come…

Agency | Movement Strategy
Producer | Daniel Stenzel
Associate Director, Business Strategy | Dave Krupinsky
Social Media Manager | Andrew Downing
Creative | Edgar Alan

Production Company | Scheme Engine
Director | Devin Chanda
Photographer | Steven Counts
Photographer (UA Internal) | Alex Aguiar
Photographer | Ben Vogel